Mirage Quattro™ Full Face Mask Complete System

Mirage Quattro™ Full Face Mask Complete System
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Product Specifications
Mask Type Full Face Mask
Active Sleeper Yes
Multiple Sizes Included No
Replaceable Cushion Yes
Mouth Breather Yes
Small Face No
TV Friendly Yes
Headgear Quick-Clips Yes
Headgear Included No
Claustrophobic No
Wide Face No
Gel Cushion No
Facial Hair No
Rx Statement & Manufacturer's Notes
ResMed Statement A valid prescription is required for the purchase of this product. We are only authorized to sell and ship ResMed products to end-users residing in the Continental United States. “© ResMed 2010 Used with Permission”

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Mirage Quattro™ Full Face Mask with Headgear

The Mirage Quattro™ Full Face Mask is an innovative design that features an advanced seal that adjusts for a better fit. The new MicroFit dial allows the mask forehead support to be adapted to the user. Users lose pressure directly from the mouth when therapy pressures are high and occur more commonly with BiPAP treatment. This happens usually through leaks from the mouth or via mouth breathing while wearing a nasal mask. The resulting loss in pressure may bring about flu-like characteristics, inadequate sleep therapy, and disrupted sleep. Since the Mirage Quattro™ full face mask covers both the nose and mouth it prevents pressure loss from mouth breathing thereby improving both your comfort and your sleep therapy.

Product Features

The Mirage Quattro™ full face mask is a great solution if you have frequent nasal congestion or it can be useful to have on hand in case you catch a cold or have bothersome allergies.

Dual Cushion - designed for an advanced seal that will conform to your face with movement.

Refined Air Vent - lowers noise by over 50%. 

Four Sizes - available Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large.  

Set and Forget - headgear. 

Cushion Membrane -  at the chin to support jaw movement.  

Reduced Mask Parts - for quick and easy cleaning.  

MicroFit Dial - allows CPAP users to find the right fit using 24 small incremental adjustments. The dual-wall cushion and forehead move in tandem as the dial is turned. This design is intended to address difficultly with "first time" fittings and ensure that is it not necessary to over tighten the mask's headgear. 





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